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Tasty Singapore

Over the years, Singapore has gained for itself a solid reputation as a food lover’s paradise. From delectable dining establishments to exotic hawker fanfare, our island has no lack of variety to satisfy the food lover and visitors are often amazed by the sheer variety.

However, the real lifeblood of Singapore’s food culture lies in an excellent food manufacturing infrastructure that bellies the country’s size. Today, these capabilities have already gained international repute as being structured on the highest quality standards, stringent food safety measures and using the latest technological advancements, to deliver ingredients and processed foods that are now highly coveted by culinary establishments across the globe.

With this flourishing national passion and our sturdy infrastructure, it is easy to understand why Singapore’s food identity is unique and distinctive. This passion has since been encapsulated in the Tasty Singapore brand, a world-class benchmark that captures the essence of Singaporean cuisine, processes and standards.

Started as an initiative by International Enterprise Singapore, an agency under the Ministry of Trade and industry, in collaboration with the Singapore Manufacturers’ Federation and supported by SPRING Singapore, Tasty Singapore epitomises the Singapore food standard, universally regarded as synonymous with quality and excellence.

Tasty Singapore sets the tone for Singapore’s recipe for success. We take great pride in the level of excellence we have achieved in our food manufacturing processes, from stringent quality, safety standards and the use of the very best ingredients, to R&D, innovative food ideas and even the extensive marketing networks on which we leverage.

With the endorsement of the Tasty Singapore brand, Singapore food manufacturers immediately set themselves apart from the rest. They identify themselves as part of a world-class food manufacturing infrastructure that extends from top-notch manufacturing processes and solid management expertise, to using the best quality ingredients.

What makes the Tasty Singapore recipe even more tantalising is that it carries the brand attributes of Confidence, a firm belief in our processes without compromising taste and traditions; Passion, our zest to create, improve and share this culinary excellence; Distinctiveness, our enthusiasm for creativity and innovation in our food development; and East West fusion, a blend of multi-cultural styles and heritages that define the unique Singaporean food encounter.

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