Welcome To ALL Current and Future Suppliers -- Register Now with SESAMi to begin conducting e-Procurement the Healthcare Sector.



Moving Forward with a More Efficient Way To Do Business with the Healthcare Sector

Since 2011, NHG GPO Office has embarked on a project to streamline and increase the efficiency of the buying process across NHG member institutions and other partners in the healthcare sector.  We are please to announce the launch of e-Procurement with SESAMi to conduct eRFX* beginning May 15, 2013. The healthcare sector conducts thousands of RFX* each year, and the transition to SESAMi's SOURCE KEY online functionalities will help improve the efficiency of the buying process and help reduce errors each step of the way.


  • Registration is easy and takes about 2-3working day once SESAMi receive your completed form.
  • For most Supplier or Vendors, it is FREE. As an legacy Supplier, your FIRST USER-ID from SESAMi is courtesy of the buyer organizations.
  • We Welcomes Both Locally and Internationally Registered Companies to come Onboard.
  • Register NOW to avoid delays in submission of your quotation


(*eRFX refers to eRFQ, eRFP or eTender)


Start NHG Supplier Application for SESAMi


You Can Complete the Application to Join SESAMi now ONLINE.

Once we receive your completed online registration, please give us 2-3 days to validate and email you your USER ID.  Feel free to contact SESAMi by emailing us at, if you have any questions.




Delivering a Worldclass e-Procurement Process

I believe that by making the buying process more efficient, we can benefit all parties -- including our patients by helping to do our part to make healthcare more afforadable in Singapore.

As a Partner, we are committed to:

  • Helping you Build Your Business Through Wider Opportunities
  • Working for you as Suppliers to make Transacting with the Healthcare Sector a great experience
  • Process Excellence in delivering Customer Care, Technology and Education


How Will Registration with SESAMi help my Business?

By Registration and receiving a SESAMi USER ID for Healthcare Sector,

  • Your Business is getting the buying power of not one, but Four Healthcare Cluster in Singapore.
  • Enable you to participate in SESAMi's RFX with Healthcare Sector-- paper and manual submissions will be discontinued.
  • Help your organization save time and money as most of the bidding process can be done without leaving your office.
  • Receive bid information real-time through 2 different streaming channels -- at NHG Portal and SESAMi Portal 
  • Ability to utilize SESAMi's eCatalog and e-Invoice to further enhance the eBusiness Experience.
  • A full suite of Supplier Training Resources Online to support your team.
  • Be part of the future by joining the largest B2B Community in Healthcare in Singapore.
  • Best of all, it is FREE to Suppliers for the first USER ID -- courtesy of the Buyer groups.
  • Future opportunity to participate in other industries such as Telecommunications, Airport, Corporate, etc.