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   Company Registration No : 198501849W

 Business :Salvaging Of Distressed Vessels And Cargo

About Us
Our people and technology make us a world leader in drilling tools and services.

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Products/Services Offering:M-I SWACO Displacement Tools Federal Wholesale Fluids Fluids Engineering Services Hydrogen Sulfide Removal IFE Pressure Control Separation Technologies Solids Control Waste Management Waterwell & Mining Fluids Smith Services Completions Systems Drilling Products & Services Fishing & Remedial Services Smith Technologies Drill Bits Drilling Solutions Elastomers Friction Stir Welding Pumps Turbodrills Ultrahards Wilson Artificial Lift Systems Coatings Drilling Group Export Services Flowline Products Line Pipe Supply Chain Solutions Wilson Valve Systems
Address:23 Gul Rd
Postal Code:629356
Contact Person Profile
Contact Number:6668 4222
Fax Number:6668 4333
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:Possess weaker than average financial health but is still likely to meet its financial commitments. However, an adverse economic condition could limit that ability.
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