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   Company Registration No : 196300260D

 Business :Retail Sale Of Antiques, Works Of Art, Handicrafts, Collectibles And Gifts

About Us
Over the last decade, MDI has seen a tremendous growth in demand for its perishable products. Demands for pasteurised products have increased from 50,000 litres per month to more than 1.3 million litres per month today. At the same time, Vitagen has become so popular, among adults especially children, that MDI has had to expand production capacity to meet the growing demands. These are just two examples. In fact, a trend of continued growth leading well into the next century is expected. And as MDI prepares for this growth, it has already built a 5-storey extension to its headquarters to provide greater capacity and scope for manufacturing in the future. While Malaysia Milk Sdn Bhd, its Malaysian subsidairy, has also completed its sophisticated new building to meet the needs of the Malaysian consumers. To meet the challenges ahead, MDI is focusing on Vision 2000 which will cover every aspect of business, involving every member of our staff and at every level of the company.

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Products/Services Offering:MDI has come a long way since producing its first product - sweetened condensed milk in 1963. Today, MDI manufactures as many as 21 various product lines. It was a gradual process in which one thing led to another. From sweetened condensed milk came evaporated milk in 1970, which was added to the line of products. A year later, instant and regular full cream milk powder were added. Another milk product, pasteurised milk followed in 1974. As the line of milk products became a success, MDI branched out into fruit juice drinks in 1977. These drinks were marketed under the brand MARIGOLD, which has today become a household name. MDI also introduced cultured milk drinks under the brand name of Vitagen into the Singapore and Malaysia markets.
Postal Code:369941
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Contact Person:Ms Vanessa Yeo Guat Ping
Designation:Key Account Executive
Contact Number:62886421
Fax Number:62888634
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