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   Company Registration No : 195700088R

 Business :Manufacture Of Biscuits (Including Wafers And Cones)

About Us
All around the world the biscuit market screams variety - crackers, cookies, wafers, shortcake biscuits, cream-filled sandwich biscuits and the list goes on and on. Obviously, with such tremendous variety a number of players have entered the biscuit market spurning an even larger variety of biscuits and assorted snacks. In the Asia Pacific, Khong Guan Biscuits stands out as one of the region’s best-known biscuit brands, commanding immense respect in the world of biscuit manufacturing. For over 40 years, Khong Guan has become a key player and leading conglomerate in the biscuit industry. Khong Guan has developed an enviable brand and is without a doubt one of Singapore’s home-baked success stories. Khong Guan is renowned for its high standards in providing quality, value and freshness. Part of the vital and flourishing Singapore economy, Khong Guan’s reputation rests on years of consumer trust and loyalty. The company is represented by factories and associate companies in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, The Philippines, Hong Kong and China. Products have been exported to over 40 countries including the United States and the Middle East, as well as Japan and Papua New Guinea. In 1995, and in every single year since, Khong Guan has been awarded the ISO 9002 Certification. The award stands testimony to Khong Guan’s commitment and dedication to ensuring its product consistency and maintaining stringent quality standards. Since 1982, Khong Guan has received numerous Monde Selection gold medals. The Monde Selection represents the highest international accolade of quality. Always looking to the future, Khong Guan Management follows a strict policy of providing much more than just quality products. Following this policy, Khong Guan has implemented such procedures as research into further improving quality control, healthier and better tasting recipes, new product lines and innovative packaging.

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Company Profile
Products/Services Offering:Food & Beverage: Biscuits; Manufacturing: Biscuits
Address:338 Jalan Boon Lay
Postal Code:619526
Contact Person Profile
Contact Person:Ms Siok Har
Contact Number:6261 6888
Fax Number:62652319
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