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   Company Registration No : 198501843M

 Business :Manufacture Of Communications Equipment Nec

About Us
Established in 1985, we are a manufacturer of PA Systems, Fireman Intercom Systems and a distributor of Contact-less Smart Card Technologies Systems. We have a production line, and many reliable and qualified suppliers supporting us. Our main product line includes paging consoles, mixer controllers, zone decoders, AFCS, SLSS etc. Our distribution line includes RFID readers and RFID cards. Our products are installed in government/ military installations, hotels, schools/ institutions, apartments, shopping malls, country clubs, towns etc. We regard technology and innovation as the main methods for our company to advance , and therefore advocate extra low voltage for high quality output and low cost for comprehensive solutions. We have developed a range of new products such as ST2482, 2900 Series for PA Systems, EV2800 Series, IS3800 Series for Fireman Intercom Systems. We distribute a range of new products such as AMR800 Series for comprehensive retail loyalty solutions

Company Awards/Certifications :ISO 9000

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Company Profile
Products/Services Offering:Paging Console & Zone Decoder: Utilise distributed microprocessor control to enable the Public Address System to be configured by flaxible building blocks.
Mixer Controller: Utilises microprocessor controller for channel routing, volume setting, grouping, digital input/ output controls and periodic chime scheduling.
AFCS 2900 Series: Allows amplifiers to be monitored and switch-over to standby amplifier automatically as a standalone unit or in a network configuration.
SLSS 2900 Series: allows each speaker line to be continuously supervised for fault
EV2800 Series: employs distributed network technology for reliable communication between the Master Console (Fire Command Centre) and the remote Handset Stations
IS3800 Series: provide reliable and fast communication among locations of a large facility
AMR800: Provides loyalty programmes
Address:621, Aljunied Road, Lipo Building, #04-03
Postal Code:805736
Contact Person Profile
Contact Person:Mr Han Wee
Contact Number:62205155
Fax Number:
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