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  CEMENTAID (SEA) PTE LTD  [Singapore]
   Company Registration No : 197000896H

 Business :Wholesale Of Construction Materials, Hardware, Plumbing And Heating Equipment And Supplies Nec (Eg Cement, Sand)

About Us
Concrete is the most commonly used construction material in the world today. Its low cost and versatility fuel its increasing use throughout the construction industry. At the same time, many structures have also demonstrated the deficiencies of concrete, including shrinkage, low tensile strength, cracking, "dusting" of abrasive cement particles, absorption of deleterious materials and poor durability amongst others. Cementaid's simple-to-use technical products enable designers and users to reduce and even eliminate such problems, or to enhance certain properties of concrete or mortar. These range from specialised chemical resistance, water-tightness, extreme resistance to abrasion and impact, or any one of a dozen properties where higher performance qualities are desired. Steel, like concrete, is a general purpose material. The modern steel mill technician selects different admixtures to give his steel special merits for the uses to which it is to be applied. With our proven technical aids, the modern concrete designer can also enhance particular concrete properties to meet the specific needs of his industry. The Specification Guide gives the concrete designer and user an easy technical reference to the wide range of proven Cementaid products. What became the Cementaid group of Companies in 1954 was established in Perth, Australia in 1946. As a result of the advanced performance and value of its admixtures and surface impregnations, technical service centres and production plants soon spread throughout Australia and expanded into Asia, then Europe, North America and the Middle East. The Group is dedicated to helping produce better quality concrete, and a number of products now acceptable world-wide had their world origin in our group's research laboratories. We have specialised in original research, development and manufacture of reliable concrete enhancing products, our sole business.

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Company Profile
Products/Services Offering:Manufacturing and construction of cement additives.
Address:12 Neythal Road
Postal Code:628578
Contact Person Profile
Contact Number:6896 9801
Fax Number:6896 9807
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