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   Company Registration No : 199503599R

 Business :Manufacture And Repair Of Machinery And Machine-Tools - Metal Forming Types (Eg Forging Press, Cold Heading Machines, Press Breaks)

About Us
BRUDERER PRESSES (FAR EAST) PTE LTD was established in Singapore to serve the S.E.Asia countries consisting of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. The BRUDERER competence center in Singapore is well organized: the local facility includes all special tooling required for press overhaul, service and repair work and the service engineers have been trained in Switzerland BRUDERER's main-plant. In order to provide the customer a more comprehensive support, we have stationed in Singapore a stamping tooling advisor from Europe who had more than 30 years of experience in tooling and stamping process with in-depth knowledge of BRUDERER presses. Our engineers have the capability to re-build and re-engineer the whole range of BRUDERER presses from the world and re-export them to the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Korea and India. We do not only stock spare parts in this facility but also the complete machines for immediate customers’ demand. This will ensure quick delivery and shorter lead-time to our customers.

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Products/Services Offering:High performance automatic punching press, tonnage ranging from 180 to 2500KN, tool loading area up to 2500mm and operating speed up to 2000spm - designed with the classical drive principles, incorporating transverse eccentrics shaft arrangement, load transfer with push rods and lever systems, perfect counterbalance system, variable stroke arrangement complete with high precision roller or gripper feeders.
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Contact Person:Mr Lim Tai Pong
Contact Number:6546 8121
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