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   Company Registration No : 52727800M

 Business :Site Preparation Nec

About Us
The Bomanite system was made available in Singapore since 1984, pioneering the concrete imprint & color concrete industry here.

Being the pioneer in the industry, no one is better at its core business than Bomanite Singapore itself.

Bomanite's strong standing after all these years shows that there is continuity, customer satisfaction and trust in Bomanite's range of products and systems.

  • Concrete Imprint Systems
  • Non-Metallic Color Hardener
  • Chemical Stains & Color Stains
  • Integral Color Concrete
  • Floor Renewal Systems
  • Grasscrete Systems
  • KRAFT Construction Products/Tools

    There are block patterns, brick patterns, concrete graphics, granite patterns, limestone patterns, slate patterns, stone & rock patterns, tile patterns, wood patterns and so on. In fact, there are as many as 70 patterns and varying combination of sizes to choose from.

    Custom colors are available on request. Bomanite also has custom-made patterns to suit Architect's design & concept, giving tremendous design flexibility.

    Bomanite color hardeners, integral color pigments, chemical & color stains are UV-resistant and will not fade easily compared to others.

    This durability factor is enhanced even more when HDB decided to adopt Bomanite paving for its new and upgrading project island-wide. Our project references will show that Bomanite has been installed in all types of projects ranging from hotels to numerous condominiums, private bungalows and municipal buildings to as many public areas & projects.

    Bomanite's patterns are simulated and captured from actual rock designs. There are many combinations of formation for each design so those patterns will not look repetitive unlike most other concrete imprints.

    Bomanite's monolithic, reinforced design and color hardened surface provide the structural integrity and surface strength to ensure a long lasting, quality paving system for years to come.

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    Address:4 Second Chin Bee Road
    Postal Code:618771
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