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   Company Registration No : 198905407G

 Business :Manufacture Of Semiconductor Assembly And Testing Equipment (Including Computer Bum-In System)

About Us
ASM International N.V. is a leading supplier of semiconductor process equipment in both front- and back-end markets. The Company possesses a strong technological base, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, a competent and qualified workforce and a highly trained, strategically distributed support network. Each of ASM International's major products are qualified for 300mm wafer processing. This and other leading-edge process and equipment developments ensure ASM International a position of strength and growth for many years. ASM International and its subsidiaries provide production solutions for wafer processing, assembly and packaging of semiconductor devices through their facilities in the United States, Europe, Japan and Asia. The Company is headquartered in Bilthoven, The Netherlands.

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Company Profile
Products/Services Offering:Both ASM International’s Front-end and Back-end product lines are positioned to serve the immediate and future needs of the semiconductor industry. ASM’s tools are engineered for leading-edge processes. Our engineering focuses on deposition quality and particle control with high throughput that results in low cost of ownership. With most of the newly installed semiconductor device fabrication capacity employing 300mm wafers, our system and process development as well as our sales efforts are concentrated on 300mm equipment. Today, we support high volume production systems at 90 nanometers, and in close cooperation with our customers we are qualifying and testing new critical process equipment for line widths at or below 65nm. Simultaneously, we are developing new 45 and 32nm technologies in our laboratories. ASM's front-end product portfolio includes both batch and single wafer processing technologies. This enables us to respond quickly to industry dynamics. Due to the inherent robustness of batch systems, we believe that they will retain their desirability, particularly in situations where cycle time is not a major factor. On the other hand, in selected applications, and especially those where cycle time plays an important role, single wafer processing may be preferred. ASM's flexibility and experience in both processes ideally positions us to address both markets. ASM continues to build upon its core foundation in front-end-of-line(FEOL) processes and to enhance its position in the interconnect area, or circuit formation area in what we call the back-end-of-line (BEOL) processes.
Address:168 ROBINSON ROAD #25-01
Postal Code:068912
Contact Person Profile
Contact Person:Adela Chang
Designation:Marketing/Admin Manager
Contact Number:6752 6311
Fax Number:6758 2287
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