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   Company Registration No : 199400986R

 Business :Manufacture Of Derivatives And Intermediates Produced From Basic Building Blocks (Eg Acetyles, Acrylics, Oxochemicals, Styrenirs, Phenolics And Ethylene Oxide Derivatives)

About Us
Shell Chemicals Seraya Pte Ltd manufactures styrene monomer, propylene oxide, polyether polyols and propylene glycols. The products made at Shell Chemicals Seraya are used in the following applications: - Styrene monomer: polystyrenes used in the packaging, automotive, electronics, appliances and building industries - Propylene oxide: production of polyether polyols and propylene glycols. - Polyether polyols: polyurethane foams for applications in the automotive, furnishing and building industries. - Propylene glycols: unsaturated polyester resins, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food.

Company Awards/Certifications :ISO 9002: 1994 - awarded 7 October 1998 ISO 14001 - awarded 23 March 2000 ISO 9001:2000 - awarded 20 December 2003

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Company Profile
Products/Services Offering:Styrene monomer, Propylene oxide, Polyether polyols, Propylene glycols
Address:61 Seraya Avenue
Postal Code:627879
Contact Person Profile
Contact Number:6661 8400
Fax Number:6661 8680
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