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   Company Registration No : 199203463G

 Business :Manufacture Of Electrical/Electronic Measuring And Controlling Devices (Eg Meters)

About Us
General Monitors is recognized as a worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of high tech gas monitoring and flame detection instrumentation. By adhering to our corporate philosophies of integrity, faith in people and creative solutions, we have achieved a well-deserved reputation for providing quality products and services that protect lives and property. Emphasis placed on this goal has led to substantial investments in research, a continuing focus on technology and engineering excellence, and a personal dedication to quality at every level of our operation. Placing these values above profit may seem unusual in today's business world. However, the fact is that high regard for business ethics has rewarded General Monitors with the leadership we enjoy today in the gas monitoring and flame detection fields. In order to ensure we pursue these values, we remain a privately held entity owned by key company executives and in control of our destiny. General Monitors was formed in El Segundo, California in 1961 by four aerospace engineers dedicated to providing hydrogen gas monitoring safety equipment for the United States space exploration program. This concern for protecting life in the workplace evolved into a corporate commitment to provide gas and flame detection instrumentation throughout the world's energy related industries. In 1965 General Monitors moved to new facilities in Costa Mesa, California. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Frank Linville and Mr. Richard Muchmore purchased General Monitors. Under Dr. Linville's guidance from 1965 until his death in 1987, and more recently by Don Edwards and Chris Shipley, we have prospered and earned a worldwide reputation as a leader in high quality, innovative gas monitoring and flame detection products. In February 1991, General Monitors moved into our current facility in Lake Forest, California. Two corporate commitments have been instrumental in our success. First, a commitment to technical innovation and product excellence; and second, a commitment to our employees to provide an unequaled work environment in which they can perform their job and to offer them an opportunity for personal and professional growth. It is widely recognized that our significant investment in research has raised the technical standards within our industry. Our engineering and product design departments work to develop leading edge designs to meet customer demands. New scientific knowledge and application techniques - developed within the company as well as in the larger scientific community - are continually reviewed and analyzed. This never-ending search for better ideas has helped us constantly up-date our product line over the years. A commitment from all of our personnel is to ensure that every product leaving General Monitors has our high quality standards built into it. Thus, every instrument that comes off the manufacturing line receives 100% electrical, mechanical, physical inspection, and elevated temperature testing. Currently, General Monitors' products are manufactured in the United States and Ireland. We also maintain a growing network of sales offices and manufacturer's representatives worldwide. Backing up this worldwide sales team is an after-sale service, repair, and spare parts system that collectively earns us the reputation as the leader in the gas monitoring and flame detection fields. To support our customers worldwide, we have offices in Houston, Texas; Macclesfield, England; Galway, Ireland; Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates, in addition to our corporate office in Lake Forest, California. Celebrating over 40 years in business, General Monitors stands committed to protect life and property with advanced technology, highly reliable detectors and superior customer service.

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Products/Services Offering:Combustible, H2S, Toxic Gas Detection, Flame Detection, Total Systems Solutions
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