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 Administrative And Support Service Activities (5832)
  Administrative And Support Service Activities (5832)

 Other Service Activities (4981)
  Repair And Maintenance Of Vehicles, Office Equipment, Personal And Hou... (1792)
  Activities Of Membership Organisations (17)
  Other Service Activities (3172)

 Health And Social Work (1729)
  Health Activities (1272)
  Social And Community Activities (457)

 Manufacturing (15144)
  Manufacture Of Wearing Apparel; Dressing And Dyeing Of Fur (900)
  Manufacture Of Wood And Of Products Of Wood And Cork, Except Furniture... (210)
  Manufacture Of Transport Equipment (1146)
  Manufacture Of Paper And Paper Products (152)
  Manufacture Of Furniture; Manufacturing Nec (1858)
  Manufacture Of Electronic Products And Components (1165)
  Manufacture Of Electrical Machinery And Apparatus (502)
  Manufacture Of Food Products (1052)
  Printing And Reproduction Of Recorded Media (1003)
  Manufacture Of Chemicals And Chemical Products (581)
  Manufacture Of Fabricated Metal Products Except Machinery And Equipmen... (1277)
  Manufacture Of Tobacco Products (4)
  Manufacture Of Medical, Precision And Optical Instruments, Watches And... (557)
  Manufacture Of Textiles (240)
  Manufacture Of Pharmaceutical And Biological Products (127)
  Manufacture Of Non-Metallic Mineral Products Except Products Of Petrol... (207)
  Manufacture Of Rubber And Plastic Products (641)
  Manufacture Of Machinery And Equipment (3206)
  Manufacture Of Beverages (44)
  Tanning And Dressing Of Leather; Manufacture Of Luggage, Handbags, Sa... (78)
  Manufacture Of Basic Metals (151)
  Manufacture Of Coke And Refined Petroleum Products (59)

 Agriculture And Fishing (249)
  Fishing, Operation Of Fish Hatcheries And Fish Farms; Service Activiti... (108)
  Forestry, Logging And Related Service Activities (3)
  Agriculture And Related Service Activities (138)

 Real Estate, Rental And Leasing Activities (2741)
  Rental And Leasing (0)
  Real Estate Activities (2741)

 Extra-Territorial Organisations And Bodies (8)
  Extra-Territorial Organisations And Bodies (8)

 Domestic Work Activities (0)
  Domestic Work Activities (0)

 Financial And Insurance Activities (3031)
  Financial Intermediation Except Insurance And Pension Funding (2908)
  Insurance And Pension Funding (123)

 Information And Communications (4580)
  Publishing Activities (1038)
  Motion Picture, Radio, Television, Sound Recording And Broadcasting Ac... (354)
  It And Other Information Service Activities (2512)
  Telecommunications (681)

 Wholesale And Retail Trade (29819)
  Retail Trade (162)
  Wholesale Trade And Commission Trade (29657)

 Construction (8791)
  Construction (8791)

 Professional, Scienticfic And Technical Activities (8622)
  Research And Development (197)
  Architectural And Engineering Activities; Techinical Testing And Analy... (1057)
  Legal, Accounting, Management And Management Consultancy Acitivites (4352)
  Other Professional, Scientific And Technical Activities (3021)

 Electricity And Gas Supply (71)
  Electricity And Gas Supply (71)

 Arts, Entertainment And Recreation (888)
  Arts, Entertainment And Recreation (888)

 Mining And Quarrying (98)
  Extraction Of Crude Petroleum And Natural Gas; Service Activities Inci... (23)
  Other Mining And Quarrying (75)

 Public Administration And Defence (0)
  Public Administration And Defence (0)

 Education (1627)
  Education (1627)

 Hotels And Restaurants (7)
  Hotels And Restaurants (7)

 Transport And Storage (4336)
  Warehousing And Support Activities For Transport (3071)
  Water Transport (437)
  Land Transport; Transport Via Pipelines (785)
  Post And Courier Activities (0)
  Air Transport (45)

 Water Supply, Sewerage And Waste Management (117)
  Collection, Purification And Distribution Of Water (22)
  Sewage And Refuse Disposal, Sanitation And Similar Activities (51)
  Recycling (44)


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King Long Bus and Coach
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Just Stevia
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Gefran Sensor
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Projector lamp
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