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Transport & Logistics

Logistics and Transport Engineering


With a strategic location, proficient 24/7 operations, island-wide connectivity and a reliable IT infrastructure, our competitive package has attracted more than 3,000 international and local logistics companies from various industries to make Singapore their global logistics hub and supply chain management (SCM) nerve centre. We have become the world's busiest port with the largest container port and CBU transshipment hub.

The burgeoning advancement in Singapore's logistics industry is largely influenced by the Airport Logistics Park of Singapore (ALPS) in the airport free-trade zone, the Banyan LogisPark, and Changi International LogisPark, locations high in connectivity and efficiency. We have also built an extensive network of free trade agreements with major economies of the world to lower trade barriers and enhance supply chain speeds.


Our strategy has proven to be successful when we can now boast of 200 different shipping lines with daily sailings to every major port in the world, making us one of Asia's largest cargo airports. With 83 scheduled airlines comprising of more than 4,000 flights per week, 17 of the world's top 25 3PLs have established a substantial presence here.

Both homegrown and overseas logistics companies have chosen to make Singapore their regional distribution centre (RDC), thereby entrenching Singapore's position as Asia's leading distribution hub. Our continual commitment to the industry is further shown through our investment in an integrated IT platform to support this premium logistics hub. Asia's leading logistics education and research institute is also based in Singapore.

Transport Engineering

The aerospace, marine and offshore engineering, and land transport industries make up Singapore's transport engineering sector. Leading players in the aerospace industry such as Honeywell Aerospace, Matsushita Avionics Systems and Boeing have made their mark in the industry with their high level design and engineering activities. The success of Asian Aerospace 2004, Asia's largest air show, is testament to Singapore's position as a global aviation hub.

We have a 70% global market share of the conversion of Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO), 80% world market share in jack-up rigs, 20% world market share for ship repair and a 25% Asia market share of Asia's largest and most comprehensive aerospace maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) hub.

Automotive companies including DaimlerChrysler, Yamaha, Volvo and Delphi have also chosen Singapore as their headquarters where they have set up distribution, test-bedding, R&D and manufacturing arms.

Six of the largest automotive regional distribution centres (RDCs) in Southeast Asia have set up their operations here and 15 of Southeast Asia's largest  automotive regional headquarters (RHQs) have found their headquarters here.

In order to ensure that a healthy stream of talents is pumped in to support the transport engineering industries, we have taken on initiatives such as new education, recruitment and R&D programmes. The Centre for Offshore Research & Engineering (CORE) was established for such a purpose, it encourages research partnerships with the oil & gas and offshore engineering technologies industries.

Locally, the Nanyang Technological University has also catered a four-year undergraduate programme in aerospace engineering and an undergraduate final-year specialisation in marine and offshore engineering to meet the needs of the industry. A Career Transition Scheme was also established to ensure the smooth transition of existing Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) technicians into the aerospace industry.

To top it off, our mechanical engineering capabilities have earned a reputation for been reliable in providing high value-added manufacturing, headquarters and distribution activities in the transport engineering industry.  

We are amongst the top three global centres for oil & gas (O&G) equipment manufacturing and servicing and #1 in Asia by production volumes for 6 of the top 10 O&G equipment players.

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