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   Company Registration No : 53076118A

 Business :Wholesale Of Household Electrical Appliances And Equipment (Including Household Air-Conditioners)

About Us
We specializing in exporting electrical healthcare and environment-protection appliance. Our products cover an extensive range of air cleaners, purifiers and sanitizers that help improve the indoor air quality so as to keep people away from various kinds of allergies and pollutants in their everyday life.

Original innovative design, guaranteed quality and reasonable price are 3 key factors that make us trusted and regarded by many of our international clients as their long-term ODM and OEM partners.

With the world’s increasing concern about global warming as well as the deterioration of the living environment, we can do nothing but constantly strive to offer our partners innovative and state-of-the-art air treatment products aiming at not only improving the indoor air quality, but also advocating a healthy lifestyle by creating a safer, healthier and better living condition.

OEM & ODM services:
With strong resources in China, any of your OEM and ODM projects is welcomed.

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Company Profile
Products/Services Offering:a) Electrical Foot Massage Basin
b) Water Heater Humidifier
c) Portable Ozonic Comb
d) Electric Shoes & Socks Deodorizer
e) Vehicle Air Purifier
f) The Green Deodorizer
g) Sterilizer for Pets and Aquatic Animals
h) Electric Wall-Hanging Deodorizer
i) Electric Deodorizer for Shoecase
j) Electric Mold Preventor for Wardrobe
k) Multi Funtional Pharmaceutical Flower Spray
l) Portable Sterilizer
m) Room Air Cleaner
n) Electric Sterilizer for Vegetables and Fruits
Postal Code:349552
Contact Person Profile
Contact Person:Mr Ang Tiong Lin
Designation:General Manager
Contact Number:13911629312
Fax Number:65003562
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Sterilizer for Pets and Aquatic Animals

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