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   Company Registration No : 198100123N

 Business :General Wholesale Trade (Including General Importers And Exporters

About Us
We are a Singapore based company specialising in sales of automotive lubricants, motorcycle oils, brake fluids and greases. We have been serving the Indonesian market for more than 25 years. Currently, we are the market leader in brake fluid sales. Besides the Indonesian market, we have also exported successfully to the Middle East, Philippines, Thailand, Australia etc.

Our factory is certified ISO and Daimler Chrysler has approved our Jumbo Vertex Gasoline Engine Oil and Jumbo Vertex Diesel Engine Oil for the Mercedes-Benz vehicles and assemblies. Our latest Xcool series lubricants bring improved advantages to automobiles by reducing temperature, friction and thus smoother vehicle performance.

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Company Profile
Products/Services Offering:Lubricants for automotive, trucks and motorcycles, greases and brake fluids
Address:6001 Beach Road #12-03, Golden Mile Tower
Postal Code:199589
Contact Person Profile
Contact Person:Ms Jenny Lestari
Designation:General Manager
Contact Number:2966801
Fax Number:2980633
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