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  TradeBulous Marketing  [Singapore]
   Company Registration No : 53080430A

 Business :General Wholesale Trade (Including General Importers And Exporters

About Us
TradeBulous Marketing is an open, transparent and independent exchange. Its business activities include general wholesale trading, importing and exporting goods / products globally from Singapore.

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Company Profile
Products/Services Offering:General Products, Import & Export.
Wholesaler . Distributor
Address:Singapore Post Centre
Postal Code:914027
Contact Person Profile
Contact Person:Mr Lewis Kiew
Designation:Business Manager
Contact Number:93871789
Fax Number:67555302
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Featured Products from this Company

Retro Flip Down Clock

Blood Pressure Monitor - Fully Automatic

Breathalyzer Keychain Car Gadget - Flashlight + Stopwatch

Automatic Pet Feeder with LCD Clock

Floating Magnetic World Globe

Compact Solar Charger with 8 Adapters and UV Light

Hand Held Metal Detector

USB Digital Microscope With 1.3 M Pixel Resolution - Video Clips

Wireless Baby Monitor - Camera In Nose Of Puppy Soft Toy

Mobile Phone Blocking Bag

Dental Intra-Oral Camera - Computer USB Connection

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